Change US Cellular Plan Minutes

Change US Cellular Plan Minutes

US Cellular is in the top 10 contract cellular phones companies in the United States. The company is not as popular as Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, but the company does offer nationwide coverage and the ability to change US Cellular plan minutes from month to month, as needed. If you owe a current balance on your US Cellular bill you will likely be asked to pay your account balance before changing your plan. In some cases, customers will not be allowed to make any plan changes if the account is past due.

About Your US Cellular Plan

When you’re ready to change US Cellular plan minutes, you can find a local US Cellular store or log in to your account. The store is the perfect option if customers want to learn more about each plan before making a final decision [+]. But some customers prefer to read the fine print and shop online, so the MyAccount page fits perfectly into that customer’s need [+]

Plans Available from US Cellular

US Cellular is a contract company with no-contract plans. If you are currently under contract with the company you cannot change US Cellular plan minutes from contract to no contract, but you can change to another level of contract coverage.Contract Plans: Contract plans from US Cellular include Shared Data and Talk & Text Only plans. The Shared Data plans come with unlimited talk and text with data tethering.Shared Plans: All Shared Plans require the customer pay a monthly plan fee and a monthly connection charge. The connection charge is based on the devices connected to the account [+]

  • Smartphone: $40 per month
  • Basic Phone: $30 per month
  • Tablet: $10 per month
  • Mobile Hotspot: $20 per month
  • Wireless Modem: $20 per month
  • Home Phone: $20 per month
  • Vehicle Service: $10 per month

The plans available to customers range from 300MB per month to 75GB per month.

  • 300MB: $40 per month
  • 1GB: $50 per month
  • 2GB: $60 per month
  • 4GB: $70 per month
  • 6GB: $80 per month
  • 8GB: $90 per month
  • 10GB: $100 per month
  • 12GB: $110 per month
  • 14GB: $120 per month
  • 16GB: $130 per month
  • 18GB: $140 per month
  • 20GB: $150 per month
  • 30GB: $225 per month
  • 40GB: $300 per month
  • 50GB: $375 per month
  • 75GB: $560 per month

Prepaid Plans: There are four prepaid plans available from US Cellular. Three are traditional prepaid plans and the fourth qualifies as a pay-as-you-go plan [+]

  • Unlimited Minutes / 2GB: $65 a month for unlimited talk and text with 2GB of data.
  • Unlimited Minutes / 1GB: $50 a month for unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data.
  • Voice and Text: $35 a month for 400 minutes, 400 text messages and 400 pictures.

PayAsYouGo Plans: For $10 a month you can change US Cellular plan minutes from a monthly prepaid plan to a pay-as-you-go plan. The plan includes $10 in credit. Calls cost 10 cents per minute and messages cost 25 cents each. You will need to add more credit to your account if you reach the limit of $10.Some US Cellular plans require activation fees. For instance, the prepaid voice and text plan requires an activation fee of $20 and the pay-as-you-go plan requires a $50 activation fee.

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