Change Tracfone Plan Minutes

Change Tracfone Plan Minutes

Tracfone was one of the first pay-as-you-go cellular phone companies to allow customers with poor, limited or no credit to purchase a cell phone and mobile phone coverage. The first plans cost customers 25 cents per minute for calls and text messages. Today Tracfone, an America Movil company, offers customers options when choosing Tracfone plans.

About Your Tracfone Plan

Choosing a specific Tracfone plan does not set that plan in stone. Customers can change Tracfone plan minutes from the official website or via card purchase at one of 70,000 retailers currently selling Tracfone plans [+].

Plans Available from Tracfone

The Tracfone company of old has been replaced with a new, plan-heavy company with tons of options for the consumer. There are prepaid and pay-as-you-go plans to choose from. Minutes are converted to units for the sake of text messaging, picture messaging and data. The units deducted per message or minute of data usage are determined by the pay-as-you-go or monthly plan you choose [+].

Contract Plans: Tracfone does not offer contract plans at this time.

Prepaid Plans: Monthly plans are a new addition to the Tracfone catalog. Customers can choose value-driven plans with limited minutes [+].

  • 50 Value: $9.99 for 50 minutes per month.
  • 125 Value: $19.99 for 125 minutes per month.
  • 200 Value: $29.99 for 200 minutes per month.
  • 50 Value Family: $9.99 for the first line and $5.99 for each additional line for 50 minutes on the first line and 40 minutes on each additional line.

PayAsYouGo Plans: Pay-as-you-go plans are where Tracfone started. Customers can change Tracfone minutes by purchasing a new card and adding that card to the phone when it is time to renew service.

  • 1500: $199.99 for one year of service that includes 1500 minutes.
  • 1000: $159.99 for one year of service that includes 1000 minutes.
  • 800 Double Minutes: $119.99 for one year of service that includes 800 minutes and double-minute credit on all future airtime purchases.
  • 400: $99.99 for one year of service with 400 minutes.
  • Double Minutes: Pay $19.99 as a one-time fee and receive double credit on all future airtime purchases.
  • 450: $79.99 for 90 days of service with 450 minutes.
  • 200: $39.99 for 90 days of service with 200 minutes.
  • 120: $29.99 for 90 days of service with 120 minutes.
  • 60: $19.99 for 90 days of service with 60 minutes.
  • 30: $9.99 for 30 days of service with 30 minutes.

Data: Data coverage is available for smartphones with the purchase of a data card. Data cards range in price from $10 for 300 MB with rollover to $50 for 2GB with rollover.

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  1. patti hon says:

    I have had a tracfone for a number of years. always had the higher minutes that rollover to the next month. this last month my rollover minutes were $9.80 minutes not the usual 250. and of course cant find on your user friendly sites or phone how to re-change it again.

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