Change T Mobile Plan Minutes

Change T-Mobile Plan Minutes

T-Mobile fell by the wayside in recent years with some experts looking at a possible merger between T-Mobile and another major mobile phone service provider, but instead of falling down the company rebranded service, gave up on contracts and rewrote the book on selling cell phones to customers. Today, T-Mobile is responsible for Jump; a plan that allows customers to jump from one new cell phone to another as often as they would like to change phones.

About Your T-Mobile Plan

Customers can change T-Mobile plan minutes, or in the case of the new T-Mobile change plan MB, at any time via an online account or visit to a T-Mobile store. Log in to your account from the official T-Mobile website to manage your monthly plan [+]. The store locator is located at the top of the front page on the T-Mobile website [+]. T-Mobile calls the new calling plans Simple Choice Plans. The simple choice allows customers to change T-Mobile plan minutes as desired.

Plans Available from T-Mobile

After doing away with contract plans T-Mobile is stuck in the middle of a conversion from contract to no-contract. Customers who started service prior to the change are grandfathered. They can remain on the old T-Mobile plan, but they also have the option to change T-Mobile plan minutes to a new no-contract plan once the old contract terms are fulfilled. There are three no-contract plans from T-Mobile [+].

Contract Plans: T-Mobile no longer offers contract plans, but grandfathered customers are responsible for fulfilling the terms of their contract.

Prepaid Plans: All T-Mobile no-contract plans give customers unlimited access to talk, text and data. Data speeds are throttled based on the amount of high-speed data you’ve purchased for the current month.

  • 500MB: $50 a month buys unlimited talk, text and data. The first 500MB of data are delivered at high-speed.
  • 2.5GB: The same as the 500MB plan, but high-speed data connection limits are increased to 2.5GB per month. The plan costs $60 per month.
  • Unlimited: For $70 a month customers do not have to worry about overages or throttled data connections – ever.

PayAsYouGo Plans: T-Mobile does not offer pay-as-you-go plans.

In addition to monthly service plans, customers have the option of choosing protection against damage or theft, international calling plans and name ID so you know exactly who’s calling even if you’ve never received a call from that number in the past.

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