Change Straight Talk Plan Minutes

Change Straight Talk Plan Minutes

Straight Talk is a no-contract cellular phone provider available exclusively through Walmart. Walmart does offer an online store for new and existing customers, so living near a Walmart or shopping at the retail store for Straight Talk service is not required. All service plans are available on a monthly basis, but Straight Talk also offer discounted plans for customers who want to purchase three, six or 12 months in advance.

About Your Straight Talk Plan

Customers who want to change Straight Talk plan minutes can upgrade from the 1,000 minutes per month plan to an unlimited plan. Of the six plans available from Straight Talk, only one plan offers limited minutes. The remaining five plans offer unlimited talk for one, three, six or 12 months.

Plans Available from Straight Talk

  • Contract Plans: There are no contract plans from Straight Talk. Straight Talk is a no-contract company that does not require a credit check or deposit prior to purchase and activation.
  • Prepaid Plans: All Straight Talk plans are purchased in advance. Customers choose to purchase one or more months from the official website or a Walmart store and activate that plan on the Straight Talk phone or a compatible unlocked cell phone. Plans available as of 2013 include:
  • All you Need: For $30 a month customers have access to 1,000 plan minutes.
  • Unlimited One Month: $45 a month purchases unlimited talk time on a Straight Talk or compatible phone.
  • Unlimited International: For $60 a month, customers have access to unlimited talk minutes on both domestic and international calls.
  • Unlimited Three Months: For $130, a $5 discount over purchasing service on a monthly basis, users can use unlimited minutes for three months.
  • Unlimited Six Months: Just $255 twice a year purchases six months of unlimited talk on the Straight Talk network. The six-month plan comes with a $15 discount over monthly service.
  • Unlimited One Year: With the one-year plan, Straight Talk minutes are unlimited. Users pay $495 for the year of service. That is a discount of $45.
  • PayAsYouGo Plans: Straight Talk offers no PayAsYouGo plans at this time.
  • $10 Global International Card: For just $10, you can add global international calling to any Straight Talk plan. The card is monetary, which means your international calls are deducted from the $10 card at the going rate. International rates are published[+] . Each card comes with 400 minutes to call Mexico. The 400 minutes roll over from one month to the next. You can purchase multiple $10 cards to add to a single Straight Talk account.
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