Change MetroPCS Plan Minutes

Change MetroPCS Plan Minutes

MetroPCS is a contract-free cellular phone company offering high-end mobile devices and unlimited talk, text and data across all prepaid plans. The company works on the T-Mobile nationwide network, but prices are lower because the company does not have to pay to upkeep the towers on the network. You can change MetroPCS plan minutes as desired from one month to the next, though the only change available is in the amount of high-speed data access, not plan minutes as all plans come with unlimited minutes.

About Your MetroPCS Plan

When you complete your MetroPCS purchase, you can register for online access to manage your account [+]. If you would rather make changes in person, you can find a MetroPCS store near you where you can change MetroPCS plan minutes prior to your next month of service [+].

Plans Available from MetroPCS

When it comes to choosing a plan from MetroPCS, the company makes the choice easy. All plans offer unlimited talk, text and data. Customers simply have to choose between three high-speed data allotments. If you use little data, the $40 plan is the best. If you use tons of data, the unlimited $60 plan keeps you moving at high-speed for the entire month. If you need family coverage, each additional line is priced with a $5 discount up to five lines.

Contract Plans: MetroPCS is a no-contract provider so there are no contract plans available.

Prepaid Plans: There are three prepaid cellular plans from MetroPCS [+]. You can change MetroPCS plans from one month to the next as desired. All plans come with unlimited talk and text. The only difference between the plans is the amount of high-speed data allowed before speeds are throttled down.

  • $40: For $40 per month, customers have unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of high-speed data.
  • $50: For $50 a month, customers have the same unlimited talk and text, but high-speed data limits increase to 2.5GB.
  • $60: Need unlimited everything – the $60 per month plan offers unlimited talk, text and data.

PayAsYouGo Plans: There are no pay-as-you-go plans from MetroPCS.

When purchasing service from MetroPCS you will purchase the phone prior to purchasing service. When the phone arrives in the mail, you visit the activation page to active the phone and pay for your first month’s service [+]. Upon activation, you have completed the registration needed to manage your account online.

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  1. Rosina A Bartholomew says:

    I’d like to add long distance for call to Canada. Right now my rate is $65.
    How much more will I have to pay, and how do I go about doing that?
    Thank you!!

  2. chandra chen says:

    How to check my plan?

  3. Natasha caine says:

    I want to get the 30 monthly plan. Can i change it to that.

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