Change Cricket Plan Minutes

Change Cricket Plan Minutes

Cricket is a mobile phone company with various no contract plans and mobile devices. All plans are available on a nationwide network. Customers can choose between Android phones or basic phones. Plans are available for each type of phone.

About Your Cricket Plan

All account changes, including requests to change Cricket plan minutes, are handled through the MyAccount page on the Cricket official website [+]. Customers can log in with their Cricket mobile phone number or the phone number for their broadband modem.

Plans Available from Cricket

When choosing service from Cricket mobile, customers can choose either a basic phone or Android phone. No other types of phones are currently available on any Cricket mobile plan. There is the option of choosing an Apple phone, but no phones are listed on the Cricket mobile website as of late 2013. iPhones may be added to the lineup in the future, which would change the plans available from Cricket wireless.

Contract Plans: Cricket does not offer customers contracted mobile phone coverage. All plans are available on a no contract basis.

Prepaid Plans: All Cricket plans are prepaid. This means customers must pay for monthly plans with money added to the Cricket mobile account in advance of the next service month. Cricket breaks plans up into Basic [+] and Android [+] plans.

  • Basic: For $35 a month, basic phone owners get unlimited talk, text, picture messaging and mobile data. The basic phone plan is not available for smartphones.
  • Android: There are three smartphone plans from Cricket. You can change Cricket plan minutes between the three plans as desired. All plans come with unlimited talk and text. The $50 plan allows for 2.5GB of high-speed data. The $60 plan allows for 5GB of high-speed data and the $70 plan allows for 10GB of high-speed data. After the allotment of high-speed data has been used, Android phones can still access the Internet, but connection speeds will be reduced.

PayAsYouGo Plans: We found no pay-as-you-go plans from Cricket. All plans are purchased on a monthly basis.

After logging in to your Cricket account, you can change Cricket plan minutes, but you will need to make sure there is enough money in your account to cover the new plan. You can add money to your account is a variety of ways, depending on how you wish to control your plan payments [+].

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